• Beside translations from our main languages like from polish to czech, from czech to polish and from slovak to polish, our company also provide highest quality translations from other languages like english, german, portugal, arabic etc.
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    We translate in traditional and good way, basic on individual approach to each order; furthermore our interpreter adds comments about cultural and legal differences.
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These translations types we make




Translation offer is dedicate to all kind of institutions, organizations, companies and individual clients who need to translate any type of documents, correspondence and official letters, medical documentation, letters, newspapers, books, handbooks etc.



Consecutive interpreting

Interpreting offer is dedicated to all kind of institutions, organizations, companies and individual clients. Our company cooperate with agencies of local-governments from Czech republic and Poland, associations, communities and organizations, trainings and workshops providers, informal groups, sports clubs, kindergartens, schools and high schools, colleges and other institutions that have partners abroad and companies who looking for business contacts in foreign countries.



Simultaneous Interpreting

Czechcontract cooperate with company provide equipment for simultaneous interpreters and have ability to deliver simultaneous interpreting service required during multilingual events in Polish, Czech and German language.

So how does it work?


For who?

Interpreter services from languages like: Czech, Slovak, polish, are dedicate to companies, small group, organized group whit bigger number of participants and institutions. Consecutive interpreting for smaller groups can be made as whisper without interruption of main speaker. Moreover interpreter can participate in confidential meetings, public speech and trade negotiations between business partners.


What and how?

Interpreter will confirm his availability and readiness to translate only through phone or e-mail. If you need interpreter for more like one day, has to be reserve even few months before the date of service.



Czechcontract provide for our customers consecutive interpretations and more dynamics “liaison”. Interpreter remembers the sequence of verbal communicates, transfer them into other language and communicate them to audience.

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